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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Wherein I discuss the decline of the Simpsons

Law of later Simpsons episodes: All new episode plot summaries can end with the word "...again."
Ex. "Homer runs for public office...again."
Ex2. "Bart is expelled from Springfield Elementary...again."
If you are my age, there is one show that is simply more iconic than any other: The Simpsons. For many years, our favorite dysfunctional family has entertained, delighted, started new businesses, overthrown a summer camp, gone into space, gone on strike, met more celebrities than you can shake a 10-foot clown pole at, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
That being said, it's beyond time to put this one out to pasture.
Frankly, pretty much anything that could be done with the characters has been done. We all know Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Homer, and Marge well....almost better than they know themselves. The last few seasons have shown occasional flashes of what made the series great, but they are no heir to the absurdity of the early seasons (except for season 1. If you own season 1 on DVD, I pity you. Goddamn did season 1 suck).
Yes, I know that would make Sunday nights at 8 damn dull. They might even replace it with The War at Home, the show that's Married with Children without the funny. And yes, I know the Simpsons on a bad day is better than most shows ever get. But is there any sight more sad than a former great merely pulling along? Let us remember the good times without blemish. Let us cherish previous seasons...we have enough to get by.
Except for season 1. Season 1 sucks ass.


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