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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Factoid (like a fact, but fewer calories)

Interesting concept I read about's called Uncanny Valley.
To sum it up for the people too lazy to read a Wikipedia entry, it's a theory that as robots become more and more like humans, people will increasingly identify with them...until they are almost human, when we begin to react negatively toward them (see graph).
Not that I'm obsessed with robots or anything (robots must die), but I thought that was fascinating.
Does this mean R2-D2 is a more sympathetic character that C-3PO because he's a trash can whereas 3PO is a humanoid robot? (No. R2-D2 is more sympathetic because we can't hear the ludicrous dialogue George Lucas has written for him.)
The Wikipedia article goes on to theorize that the reason people didn't like the CGI Final Fantasy movie was that it fell victim to this phenomenon. It fails to take into account that the story sucked ass.
I heard about this concept from an article on ESPN lamenting the fact that the author doesn't like the XBox 360 Madden Football game. I'd also like to mention at this point that I'd be more that happy to take both off his hands for him.
Is Uncanny Valley real? Only time will tell.
Damn robots.


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