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Friday, May 26, 2006

Using old movies to shill

Has anyone noticed the proliferation of commercials based on old movies? Directv has used Ferris Bueller's Day Off (with Ben Stein calling attendance, and then speculating as to why Ferris wasn't in class) and Twister (with the infamous "flying cattle" scene) to push their services, and I just saw a Doritos commercial featuring Godzilla. Not the beloved original, mind you, but the 1998 remake that was colossally bad.
What I'm wondering is, why those movies?
They're all old, but not old enough to really reach classic status. Ferris Bueller is a good enough movie (despite horrific overexposure to it, I still like the movie), but what about "Twister?" Or "Godzilla," for that matter? Have you even thought about those movies in six years? (Note: cable reruns you came across while flipping around do not count.) Maybe, just maybe, you thought "Hey, I haven't seen Twister in a while!"
(I just realized that all of the movies are interconnected. Godzilla and Bueller star Matthew Broderick. Bueller and Twister had Alan Ruck (the guy who played Cameron). And Twister and Godzilla have a connection: Twister starred the former Mrs. Hank Azaria, and Godzilla starred the former Mr. Helen Hunt. Coincidence? Or evil plot to revive bad movies starring Bueller alums?)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The folks at Frito-Lay say they haven't heard anything from people about this GINO campaign. Let's change that, shall we? Their phone number is 1-800-352-4477 - give 'em a call and let them know that they could have chosen from dozens of other monsters and gotten raves, but they chose GINO and showed themselves to be clueless.

10:23 AM


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