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Monday, November 28, 2005

Wherein I rant about AOL

It's time to retire another holdover from the '90s.
No, I'm not talking about Courtney Love (that's a whole other post). I'm talking about America Online. Can't we all agree that their heyday has come and gone with the times of the slow, dial-up modems and grunge rock?
I wouldn't care (as I have never had AOL) but they've gotten jumpy about defending themselves in this new, broadband era. They're all pissy that they're no longer the premiere provider of mediocre internet service, and have started running commercials about how they block spyware and viruses, of course failing to note that these services are quite free elsewhere on the net. These commericals, much like AOL itself, are obnoxious and omnipresent.
Frankly, the only AOL service that's even remotely useful is Instant Messenger, but that's mainly due to the fact that everyone has the service, not to any particular good quality of the program itself.
AOL, there's a reason TimeWarner dropped you from it's name: you've outlived your usefulness. Can I please get a ruling from the judges on relegating this company to the dustbin of history?


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