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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"Space" as a Prefix

So, I was watching an old Hannah-Barbera cartoon the other day. It was"Yogi's Space Race," (though it only tangentially involved Yogi Bear) and what struck me is that they used the word "space" to define everything. If there was a bear out in space, they'd call him a "Space Bear." The most egregious example was when they referred to "Atilla and his Space Huns."
Now, what if everything was prefaced with the location where it was found?
"Look out! A woods bear!"
"Aah! A water shark!"
"Hey, let's go to Taco Bell and get some middle-of-suburbia tacos!"
Do you think astronauts add the word "Space" to their everyday tasks? Wouldn't the word simply be assumed?
I suppose an astronaut could use the word "space" all willy-nilly if he wanted to piss off his fellow astronauts.
"Hey, I'm about to use the space toilet. Could you hand me a space magazine? I'm about to make it space smell-like-crap in here!"
Post-script: Brian Drew has some excellent tips to beat the summer "have no air-conditioning" blues, though his solutions are a little too "wearing pants-centric" for my tastes.


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