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Monday, January 16, 2006

"But I'm not Dead!"

An Associated Press news article has the story of an Indian man whose village now shuns him because they believe him to be dead. Of course, him walking around, talking to people isn't quite enough proof, as they regard him to be a ghost of some sort.
Now, if Ghostbusters has taught me anything, it's that ghosts are usually round and green (like Slimer), floating on spectral electric chairs, trapped in a painting of some kind or the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man (alright, he isn't actually a ghost, but a physical manifestation of Ghozer, but we're not picky here).
Sadly, rural Indians apparently have no access to classic '80s comedies.
In other News-
  • "Prehistoric 'Kitchen' Found in Indiana" - Prehistoric Wife Curiously Unaccounted for.
  • New Jersey has chosen a new state slogan: "Come see for yourself." This is seemingly innocuous, but, as astute readers will remember, New Jersey was recently found to be the source of an odd syrupy odor. I theorize that New Jersey is now involved in some kind of evil plot (possibly involving syrup), and the new state slogan is not a kindly invitation, but a dare to discover their dastardly doings. Fear New Jersey, and the terrifying New World Order they hope to unleash.
  • Lastly, did anyone notice that, in last night's "24" premiere episode, they used the same newscaster that "Arrested Development" uses? I like that he was in two Fox series with such contrasting tones. I guess they take place in the same universe. He hasn't been credited with the 24 appearance on yet. (Apparently, he's an actual anchor in California)


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Indeed, fear the Jersey

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