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Thursday, December 29, 2005

So I lied

(Editors Note: This post was sent by carrier pigeons from the author, who is trapped in the dregs of the 15th century)
Just a couple of quick hits to end 2005 (for real this time, I promise):
Burger King's ads recently have been hawking a "Kong-size burger." Now, do they mean the size of burger King Kong would eat, or that the burgers are the size of King Kong? This, as you could imagine, is quite a size difference (note that one does not, on average, eat one's body weight in a single meal). I'm leaning to the former, as I worked in a movie theater that sold "child-size popcorn" that was not, apparently, the size of children.
I was reading a recent New Yorker article about a book released that tracked predictions made by so-called "experts." (I'll post the specifics when I return to my sweet, wired dorm) The experts were allowed to predict one of three outcomes on a variety of issues: things would get better, things would get worse or things would stay the same. Their predictions were right less than 33% of the time...meaning that a monkey, picking randomly, would be more accurate than experts in their field of research. I think the news networks have picked up on this, though, as last time I was watching CNN they called on their "financial analyst Koko."
The blog author wishes a happy new year in your general direction.


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