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Monday, December 12, 2005

Should Probably Post Again or Random Ramblings

Yes, I've been fantastically lazy these past few days with my refusal to post, but I have been at least relatively busy.
What has confused me for quite some time is the Burger King commercial where the Stormtrooper lights the grill with his blaster, is told not to use his blaster again by the manager, and then fires again anyway. I'm wondering how such a cheeky stormtrooper could work his way through the Imperial Academy without being killed. I mean, aren't the Imperial troops feared for their military discipline? How, then, did this stormtrooper ever pass basic training? It boggles the mind.
In the way of TV news, The War at Home has apparently still not been cancelled, despite the protestions of, well, me. Please, Fox, put Arrested Development back on Sunday nights, so it can capture the crucial left-the-tv-on-after-the-simpsons demographic.


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