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Friday, December 02, 2005

Aeon Flux part Deux

I just went to see Aeon Flux....and I kinda liked it. I thought it had a good mix of interesting, weird, and the splendiforous Charlize Theron ( that adjective works best if you imagine James Lipton saying it). Those of you at the University should see my writeup in the Hofstra Chronicle. (Not there yet, wait a week)
Now to my main the Underworld 2 trailer shown before the movie, Kate Beckinsale (also hot, by the way) mentions that the vampires are engaged in a war with the "Lycan"(lycanthropy, werewolves. get it?) but it kinda sounds like she says "lichen." Thus, to those totally uninitiated, it would seem a quite absurd war:
We seek to eradicate Lycan from the earth.
Won't bleach do that?
The movie looks totally absurd anyway, as the first one only intermittently made sense. Of course, I was barely paying attention to it when I saw it on HBO, but it seemed pretty goddamned stupid.


Blogger Elise said...

I understand Kate Beckinsale has really really really bad skin, like not for HD. Why am I giving this seemingly mean-spirited piece of info away? Because that bitch is always giving interviews about how much she hates horror movies and yet she's on no.3!?! Step aside and let those of us with genetically good skin and a love of horror have a chance.


Charlize is uber hot, and she killed her father when she was 15 (defending her mom, but still, creepy)

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