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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Winning a trial, the Hussein way

Article on the New York Times front page caught me today. It was about the Saddam Hussein Trial going on right now. In the third 'graph, a Hussein diatribe is mentioned: "Later, Mr. Hussein pounded on the lectern and his microphone, comparing himself to Mussolini and insisting that he was 'not afraid to be executed.'"
Now, I may not be a preeminent legal scholar (my legal work has been largely overlooked), but last I checked, comparing yourself to Mussolini to defend yourself against crimes against humanity charges wasn't exactly the best defense.
Of course, neither is shouting "Don't interrupt me!" to the judge.
Or having your friends shout "Why don't you just execute us?"
At least, it didn't work for me the last time I was in court.
Headline "Germans told to cheer up. 'Why should We?' Some Say."
They then went on to be depressed in the most efficient way possible.


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