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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Cool Christmas Schwag

Gotta love gives you a opportunity to categorize things you'd like. Here's the stuff that looks good this holiday (yes... this blog has sold out...for free, too).
  • Batman Begins Deluxe DVD Set - I bought the basic one, and then watched as Warner Brothers execs burst into the store and hit me in the kidneys with brass knuckles. Well, not really, but only one extra? C'mon.
  • Star Wars Episode 3 DVD - Yes, the prequels were subpar, but this was the best of the three. Also, I have every other would be foolish to stop now. (Proving that I just don't know when to walk away) By the way, I may be late on this, but: what the hell are the Sith avenging anyway? Never told us. Did the Jedi drive up to Palpatine's house, ring the doorbell, and leave a flaming bag of crap on his doorstep?
  • Family Guy Vol. 3 - Still one of the best shows on tv, despite a quality dropoff (I think, anyway). Funniest scene was the first episode back, when Peter lists every show cancelled by Fox since they cancelled Family Guy. Good shows in that list.
  • Greg the Bunny (Complete Series) - Yes, I know it's by no means new, but it's a funny show, ended way before it's time. Fox is in a habit of cancelling good shows, and replacing them with utter crap. Stacked, anyone?
  • Aeon Flux - Saw the movie recently, and was intrigued. Fascinated by concept of series that makes no sense whatsoever.
  • Guitar Hero (Playstation 2) - It's been getting really good buzz on that Internet thing. Also heard that it's life-consuming and completely addicting. Works for me.
  • Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones (Playstation 2) - Another highly - anticipated game that looks to rock the world. Play as a Persian prince (shouldn't he be Iranian by now?) as he becomes schizophrenic.
  • The Movies (PC) - Looks like an absolutely fascinating concept. Take control of a movie studio and become a mogul (like Michael Eisner, but without the evil). The really interesting part is that the game gives players an opportunity to make their own movies. I'm looking forward to being the next Joel Schumacher.
  • Pong Wall Clock- Just about the sweetest wall clock ever (and I'm not just saying that). Random game of Pong plays. Each volley ends at the one minute mark, changing the score to reflect the time. Brilliant! (Not really for sale, but cool nonetheless)
  • Sora the Receptionist Robot - Also not really for sale, but I certainly could use a receptionist. It would feed into my growing paranoia about robots however.
Well, that's my list of cool Christmas stuff. Join me next November for my list of cool Thanksgiving stuff. The electronic turkey will knock your socks off!


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