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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Cartoon Network Goes to Pot

According to Newsday, police in New York recently busted the leader of the Cartoon Network marijuana drug ring. Which might explain the latest "Adult Swim" shows.
Really, the two have no connection whatsoever.
Still, it would make "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" a lot more understandable.
Anyway, the portion of Adult Swim shows that make sense (to me, at least) have diminished. The shows are entirely dependent on the "random stuff happens" plot devices. For instance, 12 ounce mouse is entirely devoid of laughs....could someone explain that show to me? Why is the mouse roughly the same size as the shark? Why would anyone think a random airhorn is anything but annoying as hell (especially at 1 in the morning)? A giant eyeball whose gimmick is speaking slowly and mispronouncing words (not in amusing ways either, just regular words)?
The drugs explain it all.


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