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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Mexican Tax Dollars at Work

I'm going to directly quote Ioan Grillo of the Associated Press here, as nothing I could say about this could do this justice: "With assault rifles over their shoulders and body armor strapped to their chests, Roberto Paleo and his 17 officers are among the world's most heavily armed park rangers. Yet they guard one of nature's most delicate creatures -- the monarch butterfly."
Yes, dear readers, the most heavily armed park rangers in the world are protecting....monarch butterflies. Lord help you if you're within 5 miles of them with a net of any kind - they'll mess you up, man. This, of course, is an example of how competitive insect-collecting has gotten nowadays.
The kicker is the monarch butterflies aren't even endangered.
The assault weapons make somewhat more sense when, as explained later in the article, one considers that the loggers (from whom the rangers seek to protect the butterflies), wielding shotguns, held some park rangers hostage while they logged.
Still, I have to imagine that the Mexican government has better things they could spend their money on than park rangers protecting monarch butterflies.


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