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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Robots fetch humans scalding hot liquids

The invasion of the robots may be closer than was first thought.
Check out this Gizmodo post about Honda's Asimo being able to fetch coffee and perform various other around-the-office tasks. Now, am I nuts, or is placing an extremely hot drink in the hands of a mechanical contraption not the best idea? The answer, of course, is that I'm nuts.
This new set of abilities certainly forces some interesting questions. If Asimos do indeed become prevalent at offices, does this effectively spell the end of Administrative Professionals Day (formerly Secretary's Day) as we know it? Will these robots cause the creation of an unemployed underclass of overweight women and effeminate men, pressing angrily against the fabric of society? If so, then bravo, Honda.
According to Gizmodo, Asimo can also "push a cart, walk straight, sideways or even backwards." If it ever masters the art of carrying papers around and looking busy, 90% of corporate America could be outsourced to these machines.


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