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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Death made illegal; punishable by death

In Newsday, there's a report of a small Brazilian farm town, Biritiba Mirim, that has a bill before it to outlaw death. The mayor proposed this bill to protest an environmental law that prohibits the town from making a new cemetary or expanding the current one.
Certainly, were this to pass, there would be several logistical problems here, other than (of course) the problem of punishing death. I mean, the town would have to set up a border guard to prevent the reaper from entering the town limits. Police would follow around old people, to make sure they show no signs of dying. They'd probably want to curb having children as well, to prevent inevitable crowding. Central booking at the police station would look more like a morgue. And it would make prison even less desirable to be in (imagine the smell).
However, if this thing does work, you can find me south of the border, down Biritiba Mirim way.


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