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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Robot Roundup

Certainly, a lot of negative things about robots have been said in this space: robots are out to get us, our jobs and our Lucky Charms (robots must be prevented from getting our hearts, stars, and horseshoes, never mind our blue moons).
However, I will report on one positive development in our coming fight with robots trained to kill: the Roomba can now be given commands. No longer will the scourge that is the wandering robot vacuum aimlessly roam our halls, plotting against us while vacuuming our refuse. No, they are now solely the tools of man, forced to do our bidding directly.
Now, in the coming conflict, the Roomba will be around to protect us against the crowd-scanning QRIO, the radiation-proof "Mighty Mouse" (pictured) and the automated chopsticks gone awry.
(Seriously, who was clamoring for automated chopsticks?)
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