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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Feeling Validated

If you were watching that transcendent Colbert Report last night, you may have noticed that robots have made his vaunted "threatdown" (video here). Apparently, the Mars Rovers have refused to power down, despite their projected operational life being long over.
Of course, this blog has long railed against the imminent threat that robots pose to our society, our children and, yes, our Lucky Charms. I'm glad that such a powerful celebrity as Stephen Colbert has lent his fame to this noble cause.
However, Mr. Colbert, the threat robots pose does not only reside on our red neighbor planet: the robots are conspiring against us even in our own country. By only mentioning the evil robots on Mars, the show has created the impression that the threat is far off, when it is, in actuality, at our very doorstep.
Warn the people, Mr. Colbert!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

not nearly as threatening as BEARS, even though they are now #2 on the threatdown.

6:23 PM


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