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Monday, July 17, 2006

Commercial Ranting

I have to say, I don't really like Chrysler's new ad campaign (the one with "Dr. Z"). I especially despise the one where he's berated by one of the guys from their previous campaign ("That thing got a Hemi?"). What the hell is the thinking behind that move?
"Hmm...Everyone loves Germans and rednecks. If only there was a way to combine them, that would be a super awesome ad campaign!"
Thing is, knowing corporate America, that series of ads likely had to be greenlit by numerous teams of people. This means not one, but scores of people, had to have thought this was a good idea.
By the way, does anyone find the initial concept for "That thing got a Hemi?" humorous? At all? I, quite frankly, would be discouraged from buying a car if rednecks would approach me about it. The fact that they reference it in their new commercial means it must have worked on someone. Where are these people?
Meanwhile, the worst movie since 'White Chicks' has been advertised non-stop. Doesn't Little Man seem like it will be the most unintentionally creepy movie ever? I honestly cannot think of a movie that's more goddamned eerie. I think horror movie directors around the world just threw up their hands and said "That's it. There's no way I can top that."


Blogger Madison Guy said...

If they had just named it ChryslerMercedes eight years ago, Dr. Z wouldn’t have to do all this
explaining now.

11:58 AM


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