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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wherein I complain about Superman

All right, this is an official spoiler warning, so here goes:
If you have not yet seen Superman Returns, and want to be somewhat shocked by the plotline, I recommend that you stop reading here.
All right, here goes:
Was anyone else bothered that Superman had an illegimate kid? Huh?? Never mind the physical problems (they've been detailed by more talented folk than I), does that seem like something Superman would do?
I know, I know, it's the new milennium and all, but this Superman was based on the 1970s version. It was supposed to take place a few years after Superman 2. Did it seem, at all, that Superman and Lois were knocking (red) boots during Superman 2? I might have missed it (especially because I was endlessly amused by the 900 or so times General Zod says "Kneel before Zod!"), but I somehow doubt it. The Christopher Reeve Superman made your average Boy Scout look like Christian Slater. I don't think he would have looked highly on premarital sex.
Anyway, I was rather disappointed by the movie in general - it was inconsistent as hell. When the movie works, it works (especially with the sly nods to the original). When it doesn't, it's painful (adding a kid to anything makes it about 10 times more annoying).
On the plus side, the theme is overall much less campy than the original, and Lois is definitely quite attractive.
Still, the out-of-characterness of having an illegitimate kid, and overall inconsistency keep this one below the original. At least, that's my (irrelevant) opinion.
Off topic: is any character so connected to a theme as Superman is to John Williams'? Really, I don't think they could have possibly used another theme.


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