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Monday, January 23, 2006

Vive la Revolution!

An article I read recently made the case that the Nintendo Revolution would be the eventual winner in the upcoming generation of videogames (via a Kotaku post). It makes a compelling argument, so good that it almost convinced me.
To summarize, the article postulates that:
  • Videogames have become rather stale recently, and malaise is beginning to show itself in the gaming community.
  • The Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 merely continue along the same track as their predecessors, and cost more (article cites rumor that Playstation 3 may cost $500, a sizable chunk of change).
  • The Nintendo Revolution is likely to cost less, and deliver a different gaming experience, due to its unique controller (pictured, with system, at right).
  • Therefore, the Revolution will win out.
This is a good argument, and I admit that, despite being leery of the controller at first, I'm intrigued by the possibilities of the system. However, the article does leave out several key points:
  • Sony and Microsoft are financial powerhouses, and can afford to support a system for the long haul. They will not back out should the fight prove to be a tough one.
  • Nintendo has alienated a good deal of the gaming population with 2 less-than-successful (at least, imagewise) systems. The dearth of software for the Nintendo 64 was painful, and the Gamecube has also lacked the spectacular 3rd-party support that the Playstation 2 and Xbox systems enjoy.
  • Power. The Revolution will apparently be less powerful than its competition. Never discount the power of, well, power.
This puts the gamers in a tight spot; should we buy Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft?
I asked the future-predicting monkey Bonzo, and he announced, without hesitation, that the winner of the console war will be...Intellivision.
(stupid monkey!)
(pic from wikipedia)


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