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Monday, February 27, 2006

Bad Sci-Fi Movies

I think I have a problem: I can't resist bad science fiction movies.
For example, I have recently come to the conclusion that I will likely go see the upcoming Ultraviolet. The thing is, I am absolutely sure that movie will be bad. Not just bad, but excruciating.
So why am I going to see it? I don't really know. I could blame it on wanting to see Milla Jovovich. But it cannot be that alone; I wouldn't see a romantic comedy with her in it. Thus, I am led inexorably to the conclusion that I have no resistance to bad sci-fi.
  • Is it bad to want to get drunk on a Monday?
  • 24! 24 24 24. 24 24, 24 24 24 24!
  • Why do series-ending episodes always suck? (I'm looking in your direction, Seinfeld)


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