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Friday, February 24, 2006

Season of St. Patty?

Recently, a Guinness commercial referred to St. Patrick's day season. I know Guinness wants St. Patrick's day to be an actual holiday, but isn't that a bit much? Is it kosher to attribute a season to a holiday that doesn't even warrant a day off from work/school?
However, there is an even more pressing question: do we even want a St. Patty's day season? Yes, this sounds silly from someone who recently advocated the creation of a second St. Patrick's Day, but a season would be overdoing it. I mean, a season connotes all that holiday bullsh*t, like buying presents, singing carols, decorating the house and meeting with obnoxious relatives. Do we really want to taint St. Patrick's day with such concepts as responsibility?
(Hell no!)


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