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Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl Wrapup

Well, that was one of the least memorable Super Bowls in recent memory. As per usual, the ads were more interesting than the game, though none of this year's ads seem to have passed the remember-it-after-the-hangover test.
My dormmate was particularly incensed by one Ameriquest Super Bowl commercial (can be found here) , as he notes that a fly could not be killed in this manner. Of course, the commercial where a green frog puppet kayaks (and another that shows cavemen and dinosaurs as existing at the same time) went by unremarked-upon (save the lamentations of a decline in voice acting).
I would like to point out that this blog's primate of predictions correctly mentioned that the Seahawks would lose the Super Bowl. He just got the score and the opposing team wrong. He was, in turn, given a cigar, though this gesture was more because it's funny to see monkeys smoke than for any other reason.


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