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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Ninety-Nine Nights Xbox Demo First Thoughts

I recently downloaded the demo for Ninety-Nine Nights (hereafter referred to as N3 for purposes of typing hand safety), the relatively-anticipated game for the 360. Unfortunately, the title doesn't really live up to the hype in any way.
The opening cutscenes are so badly written, acted and translated, it's hard to tell where one failure begins and another ends. Is the voice actor horrible, or is it that no one could pull of the line "La-Landslide" with a straight face? I feel there should be a name given to this phenomena, and I propose "George Lucas Syndrome." Think about it: is Hayden Christensen really a horrible actor, or were his lines so mind-numbingly awful that no actor could have done well?
The game itself (yes, I was getting there eventually) is nothing to write home about, either. The demo I played was horribly boring. If a game gets repetitive in the demo, then there are some serious issues. Of course, it's possible that the actual game will throw in a few change-ups, but isn't the demo supposed to showcase the best aspects of a videogame?
In essence, the game is similar to Dynasty Warriors. You, as leader of your army, face off against a legion of enemies - mowing them down with ease. Really, it just degenerates into pushing the same buttons over and over and over.
N3 is a really good-looking game, but it's a shame that the graphics don't translate to more fun.


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