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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Yet more commercial ranting

Yes, I've returned for my monthly post (been really hoping to make this weekly, but busy as hell).
Now, to the abominations that are the new Taco Bell commercials.
Essentially, the ad involves people eating Taco Bell food in the office, and they are talking about how "fun" the food is. A clown (the office "fun guy") enters, and decries the fact that the food is more "fun" than he is.
The ad basically starts with a false premise: the people in the office are eating Taco Bell without immediately rushing to the nearest restroom. Also, who refers to food as "fun"? Really. "Fun"? There are two categories of food: stuff that tastes good, and stuff that doesn't. Fun doesn't enter into the equation.
The clown adds nothing. Never mind the subset of the population that is completely freaked out by clowns, but clowns are quite unappetizing - they taste funny (yes, I went there - to the lame cannibalism joke). Isn't there a more subtle way to denote that he is the office "fun guy"?
It's not like it's impossible to shoehorn office politics into fast food commercials - Burger King did a great job with the commercials that starred Joel McHale (from "The Soup" on E!).
In other news, t-sides blogger Taylor Long boasts about her hit counts. I am bitterly envious, as there is not a fraction small enough to represent my daily audience.
Also, wannabehipster blogs against fascism. So that's why he didn't like that "I love fascism" bumper sticker I sent him.


Anonymous Taylor said...

...but at least Taco Bell is still delicious and cheap!

6:12 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the blonde is HOT.

7:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for confirming my hatred for the incredibly stupid and senseless Taco Bell commercial with the "fun guy." I scramble for the remote oontrol to change the channel whenever it comes on. I can't believe a high-priced ad company actually got paid to develop this craptacular commercial.

8:58 PM


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