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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Jesus, it's been a long time

Seeing as I haven't updated in about four months, I figured it might be time to do so again.
For some reason, I can't stop watching Scrubs. I never really got into the show over the years, because it was either on at the same time as something else, or the fact that I avoid NBC whenever possible.
However, since the series has been syndicated, it's been on like 12 times a day. Seriously, I set my DVR to record episodes and, were it not for some judicious deleting by yours truly, I'd have filled that thing like five times over.
Thing is, it's probably the most manic-depressive sitcom ever made - it's like the creators of the show want you to wish for suicide between the laughs. Every episode, they have at least one montage designed to make you say "man, that sucks." Were it not for John C. McGinley's insane rants (really quite impressive, they are), the whole production would be more depressing than a clown's funeral.
(By the way, the actress who plays Elliot Reed deserves a place in the "All-time really damn cute sitcom girl hall of fame." That's my opinion, at least.)


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