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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A few random thoughts that occurred to me while watching "The Departed"

  • Man, that "300" movie looks good. Finally, a movie that combines Spartans, yelling, insane CGI and Frank Miller in one shiny package.
  • I'm watching an ad for an "American Pie" spinoff in a theater crammed with old folks. Imagine watching "American Pie" with your grandparents. Now, multiply that by about 100, and that's what I was going through. By the way, who decided "American Pie" was worthy of two sequels, and (thus far) two spinoffs? I mean, the original was ok, not classic. The series has been on a downhill slope since then. Why make more?
  • "The Good Shepard" - has like 200 Oscar winners in it, and the worst title in recorded history. Did you guess that the movie's about the founding of the CIA? Yeah, me neither. They could have called it "Pancake Assassins," and it would have made as much sense.
Movie itself:
  • Holy crap, Jack Nicholson totally redeemed himself (Note - I had originally written "found his balls again after the travesty that was 'Something's Gotta Give,' but removed it for fear Nicholson would kick my ass. That's how good he is in this movie).
  • Ha! I've totally been there! (Thought this about 20 times during movie. Seriously, seems like movie is one big Boston in-joke)
  • Martin Scorcese keeps trying to sell me on the idea that Leonardo DiCaprio can play an Irishman/Irish descendant. Still not convinced.
  • Jesus, Damon's laying that "Bahston" accent on thick. I know that's the character, but it was noticeably irritating; his accent seemed overly exaggerated throughout. He's not the only culprit, but the most egregious.
  • Wahlburg's awesome in this movie. I think this is the first role of his I liked.
  • Movie is seriously funny (like that's not an oxymoron). This movie is funnier than at least 10 recent comedies I can name off the top of my head (hint: "Little Man" is tops on that list).
In conclusion, go see the damn movie.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

agreed on all points. Great flick. Bonus - the hot chick psychologist went to my high school


8:59 PM


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