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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dead Rising - About a week later

Bought the new 360 Game Dead Rising last week, but decided to let it age a bit before I posted about it.
What's good:
  • Zombies. And plenty of 'em. There are simply a ridiculous amount of zombies in the mall (what the hell is it, Christmastime or something?). This is really the first game that gives you anything close to the scope a full-scale undead outbreak would entail.
  • Weapons for eviscerating zombies. You are given an almost unlimited arsenal, and it's up to you to decide how you want to get rid of the zombie infestation.
  • Cool graphics. Frank and pals look real and, though the individual zombies are unremarkable, the mere number surely makes up for that.
What's bad:
  • Save system. Oh dear god, the save system. Hoofing it to a save point every time you want to save is a disastrous misstep on the part of the designers. I won't say too much about this one, as it's been done to death on the Internets.
  • Small text on SD TVs. Once again, has been a repeated complaint across Internet.
  • Sheer size of mall. Yes, the mall has to be huge to prevent the game from lapsing into repetitiveness, but given that most of the missions involve escorting civilians out of harm's way, this is a severe drawback. Also makes the save system even more intolerable.
What's odd:
  • Lack of quality control in Frank's world. Seriously, a lead pipe shouldn't give in so easily. Is there a complaints department in the mall?
  • Why does Frank use a wooden bat? Certainly, his traditionalism is welcome in a world obsessed with efficiency, but you have to think an aluminum bat would increase his chances for survival.
  • Weird nudity. It turns out one of Frank's shirts has a pic of a topless gal on the front. What's odder is I picked this shirt, and yet never noticed the pic until someone on the Internet posted it out, especially given that I can point out toplessness from three states away.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

aluminum bats aren't as heavy/solid as their wooden counterparts. It would be far easier to crush a zombie skull with a good old ash baseball bat then with a hollow aluminum one. Also, aluminum bats are two pieces welded together, and under extreme conditions are known to separate.

6:27 PM

Blogger Mike Gleason said...

Ladies and gentlemen, I have been schooled.
Schooled with extreme prejudice.
Thank you, mysterious stranger, for your bat-knowledge. May you be spared the wrath of the undead hoarde!

2:37 PM


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