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Friday, August 18, 2006

Bees? Plane? Samuel L. Jackson?

As we all know, Snakes on a Plane is now in theaters. However, the Wall Street Journal recently had an article about bees swarming planes and causing problems in the Southwest. Apparently, this real phenomenon occurs with the Africanized bee, commonly known as the "Killer Bee."
Does anyone else smell sequel?
A swarm of bees would be more than enough to draw the ire of Samuel L. Jackson, causing him to become goddamn sick of these mother-f'in bees! Bees are also naturally creepy, just like snakes!
Additionally, the movie would be able to use the based on true events tag, previously reserved only for movies about people from the wrong side of the tracks rapping their way to the top, or dedicated high school teachers who teach tough inner-city youths to learn, while simultaneously learning to be more "street."
Hollywoodland, call me!


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