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Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm sorry for my incurable laziness

Well, I am.
I come off a weekend where I was called "bro" much, much too often. Now, I am not averse to the occasional "bro" as a term of endearment, but it becomes repetitive quite quickly. I am not anyone's bro, nor do I really wish to be. I went through great pains to ensure my only-child status (it's amazing how a little medical knowledge can go a long way) and I do not intend to have it revoked.
I just realized: I'm a jackass, aren't I?
I don't intend to be. I'm merely suspicious of overly friendly people. Maybe it's because I'm an east-coast-raised cynical bastard, but anyone who is too nice is eerie. Everyone should just start off neutral, and work out the friend-or-foe system from there.
By the by, V for Vendetta was a damn good movie. The people I went with, though, were disturbed by someone in the audience booing at the end. The thing is, we couldn't quite figure out who would be disappointed in that movie.
It gets even weirder: I have seen my share of movies in my day (due to a low-grade obsession) and I don't remember anyone ever booing a movie, good or bad. I mean, I've seen the House of Wax remake, for God's sake. No boos. Creepy.


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