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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"Space" as a Prefix

So, I was watching an old Hannah-Barbera cartoon the other day. It was"Yogi's Space Race," (though it only tangentially involved Yogi Bear) and what struck me is that they used the word "space" to define everything. If there was a bear out in space, they'd call him a "Space Bear." The most egregious example was when they referred to "Atilla and his Space Huns."
Now, what if everything was prefaced with the location where it was found?
"Look out! A woods bear!"
"Aah! A water shark!"
"Hey, let's go to Taco Bell and get some middle-of-suburbia tacos!"
Do you think astronauts add the word "Space" to their everyday tasks? Wouldn't the word simply be assumed?
I suppose an astronaut could use the word "space" all willy-nilly if he wanted to piss off his fellow astronauts.
"Hey, I'm about to use the space toilet. Could you hand me a space magazine? I'm about to make it space smell-like-crap in here!"
Post-script: Brian Drew has some excellent tips to beat the summer "have no air-conditioning" blues, though his solutions are a little too "wearing pants-centric" for my tastes.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Using old movies to shill

Has anyone noticed the proliferation of commercials based on old movies? Directv has used Ferris Bueller's Day Off (with Ben Stein calling attendance, and then speculating as to why Ferris wasn't in class) and Twister (with the infamous "flying cattle" scene) to push their services, and I just saw a Doritos commercial featuring Godzilla. Not the beloved original, mind you, but the 1998 remake that was colossally bad.
What I'm wondering is, why those movies?
They're all old, but not old enough to really reach classic status. Ferris Bueller is a good enough movie (despite horrific overexposure to it, I still like the movie), but what about "Twister?" Or "Godzilla," for that matter? Have you even thought about those movies in six years? (Note: cable reruns you came across while flipping around do not count.) Maybe, just maybe, you thought "Hey, I haven't seen Twister in a while!"
(I just realized that all of the movies are interconnected. Godzilla and Bueller star Matthew Broderick. Bueller and Twister had Alan Ruck (the guy who played Cameron). And Twister and Godzilla have a connection: Twister starred the former Mrs. Hank Azaria, and Godzilla starred the former Mr. Helen Hunt. Coincidence? Or evil plot to revive bad movies starring Bueller alums?)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I apologize for the lack of recent posts, but my life has been incredibly odd lately.
I just graduated from Hofstra University, with my amazingly-useful Journalism degree (awesome!), and prepping for the entire process has left me rather drained.
Luckily, that's pretty much done with, and now I only have to deal with finding a job and starting my life, which should be super easy, right?
Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone who made my college experience most excellent (in the true Bill-and-Ted sense of the phrase). They all know who they are, and they're now an integral part of my life. Take a bow.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

E3 thoughts (from the opposite coast)

Well, the keynotes have wrapped up for E3, and no one clearly stole the show.
Sony, I think, hamstrung itself with the new price ($499-$599). The price will force gamers to re-evaluate how they look at gaming: is it a pleasant diversion, or a full-on hobby? Hobbies warrant such an outlay of cash, diversions do not. The primary selling point is, obviously, the console's power, but exactly how it stacks up against the Xbox 360 remains to be seen. If the difference is real, and can be seen, it will make a difference. If not, Sony is in trouble.
(A word about the controller: as everyone on the internet has said before, it appears to be a half-implemented version of what Nintendo's doing. I cannot see this being a major selling point for the console.)
Microsoft had no big console news to cause buzz, but appears to have done a fair job. I was decidedly underwhelmed by the trailer - not much was shown, and the Halo name isn't quite enough to excite me. I believe the 360's primary problem is a PR one, as the public has been led to believe that the PS3 is much, much more powerful. If it can equal the PS3, it has a fighting chance.
(Re: the Halo 3 trailer. How, precisely, does Master Chief get so shiny? Does he spend a good portion of the day waxing himself? What about the hard-to-reach places - does he ask someone else to wax him there? I'd imagine you'd have to know someone pretty well to get them to wax you.)
Nintendo did enough to be the best, in my opinion, but failed to make the victory decisive. Definitive news about the price and release date would have been welcome. If Nintendo announced a price significantly below that of the Playstation 3, it definitely would have stolen Sony's thunder.
(Finally, re: Metroid Prime 3. Doesn't that game look like a GameCube game? I mean precisely like Metroid Prime 2? Of course, I've only seen it on low-quality Internet video, but I got a serious case of deja vu.)
Master Chief - A shiny, shiny man.